Have four virtual desktops in your PC

Sometimes you have way too many windows opened at the same time and a single desktop is simply not enough. What if you could multiply that space by four?

Virtual Desktop Manager Powertoy converts your single Windows Desktop into four virtual, independent desktops that provide you with a lot more space to organize and distribute windows, applications and documents. What's more, you can assign a hotkey to each one to switch between them more quickly, or just use the four buttons on your taskbar, although you'll probably need to activate this manually by right clicking on the taskbar.

The program includes a Preview function that enables you to get a sneak peek of what's going on in all four desktops. In any case, we highly recommend using different wallpapers on each one of them to avoid the initial confusion.

Multiply your desktop space by four with this easy tool

Use the Virtual Desktop Manager to organize a busy desktop. If you usually have many Windows open at a time, you can now organize them on four different desktops. Using shortcut keys or the Quick Switch buttons on the taskbar, you can switch between the desktops.

For example, you can open your e-mail program on one desktop, an Internet chess game on the second, several Internet sessions on the third, and multiple database sessions on the fourth.

The highlighted Quick Switch button on the taskbar indicates the current active desktop. You can also assign different backgrounds to each desktop to make it easy to identify which desktop is active.

To move a program from one desktop to another, click the program's button on the taskbar, or press ALT+TAB. To prevent the movement of programs between desktops, turn off Shared Desktops. To view all the desktops at once, use Preview mode.


  • Much more space for apps and windows
  • Support for hotkeys


  • Needs to be manually activated
  • Can be confusing at the beginning

Virtual Desktop Manager Powertoy for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 3.1
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  • Security Status

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